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Grief and Loss

greifWe come into this world as innocents, dependent on our parental caregivers for nourishment, safety and security, and it is through these early connections and the meanings they hold for us that we venture through life establishing new connections, new relationships.

As we turn to these new relationships to provide mental and emotional nourishment, safety and security, and a sense of belonging, we create new meanings and possibilities.

It is through our relationships that we experience joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, love, jealousy and hate, frustration and anger, to name a few.  And when some of our relationships end, we may experience loss through grief.

Loss is a very personal experience, and so is our process of grieving.   Grief can be experienced through sadness, anger, confusion, loneliness or feelings of emptiness or being in a fog.   The loss may be so painful that it feels like your heart has been ripped to pieces.  You may believe that you are living a dream from which you will eventually wake up. The process of grieving can be relatively short for some people, while long and hard for others.

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